About us

The Startdoc team is above all a clever combination of administrative experts, the experienced advice of lawyers and an operational team that complements and updates the provided document database on a daily basis.

Our vision


We apply our energy and expertise to provide the online platform with administrative letters and forms that can be adapted and personalised according to individual situations and needs.

From our own experience we know how time-consuming it can be to find or draft the right document.

The principle of a template or sample letter is to guarantee a well-written document that responds to a request for a specific situation while minimising the time-consuming task of writing.

We wanted this access to be unlimited so that it could accommodate all users, both professional and private.

We help to simplify formalities, letters of complaint or simply everyday correspondence at work or in administration.


At Startdoc, we want to offer simplified access to a unique range of pre-filled legal documents for private and business clients... Not everyone can afford the services of a lawyer for several hundred pounds an hour.... Startdoc starts right there and helps out!

Julien Dupé, CEO & Co-founder

Julien Dupé - Startdoc